Dr. Azzeddine Benzeghiba


Dr. Azzeddine BenzeghibaMember of Internal Sharia Control Committee

Dr. Azzeddine Ben Zeghiba graduated from Prince Abdelkader University of Islamic Sciences, Constantine, Algeria, and then continued his postgraduate studies at the University of Zitouna, Tunisia, where he obtained a doctorate degree in Islamic Sciences and a Ph.D. in the third stage in the purposes of Sharia.

Dr. Azzeddine Ben Zgheiba is currently the Head of the Department of Studies, Publications and Foreign Affairs at Juma Al Majid Centre for Culture and Heritage in Dubai and is the Managing editor of the magazine ‘ʾĀfāq Al Thaqāfah Waʾl-Turāth’

During his career, Dr. Azzeddine has taught at several universities in the UAE, Libya, and India, and has been classified as an IHL expert by the Scientific Committee of Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

He is a member of several Sharia boards of Islamic financial institutions in Algeria, UAE and Bahrain.

Notably, Dr. Azzeddine has 3 printed books, more than 30 refereed and non-refereed research papers and 116 published articles. He has also participated in many radio and television programs.

About Amlak Finance

About Amlak

Amlak Finance PJSC is a leading specialized real estate financier in the Middle East. Since its establishment in November 2000 as the region’s pioneer financial services provider, it has provided its customers with innovative, Sharia-compliant property financing products and solutions designed to meet the rapidly evolving market demands.