Fees & Charges

Fees & Charges

Standard Schedule of Fees and Charges



Amlak Rate Starting From:


Application Fees

Residents/Refinance (New Customers)

AED 5,000/-

Top Up (Existing Customers)

AED 3,000/-

Pre-approval fee

AED 1,000/-

Processing Fees

1% of Finance Amount

After Sale Services

Offer Letter Amendment Fees

AED 3,000/-

Extension Fee (Pre-Approval/Offer Letter)

AED 1,500/-

Snag/Inspection Charges

AED 2,500/-

Property Handover Charges

AED 1,000/-

Copy of Statement/Documents from File

AED 100/-

Liability Letter Issuance

AED 85/-

Property Management Service

4% of the last annual rental amount, if finance is settled in the first 5 years

Miscellaneous Charges

Processing Fee
Additional Rental Restructuring Remedial/Restructuring/Consolidation “Sulh” Settlement

AED 3,000/-

Late Payment Fee (Payable to Charity)

2.5 % of Installment Amount, maximum AED 700

Cheque/SI/DDS Return Charges

AED 250/-

Release of Police Case

AED 500/-

Property Valuation
Based on Property Value as below:

Up to AED 10,000,000

AED 3,500/-

AED 10,000,001 – AED 15,000,000

AED 5,000/-

AED 15,000,001 – AED 25,000,000

AED 8,000/-

More than AED 25,000,000

Minimum AED 10,000/-

Prepayment Charges

Partial Prepayment

3.0 % of Pre-paid Amount

Own Funds

3.0 % of Outstanding Finance Amount


3.0 % of Outstanding Finance Amount

Prepayment is subject to the terms of relevant documentation and UAE Central Bank Regulations.

Fast Track Services

Liability Letter Issuance (1 Working Day)

AED 1,100/-

Final Settlement (3 Working Days)

AED 3,000/-

Property Handover NOC (1 Working Day)

AED 3,000/-

Property Valuation (1 Working Day)

AED 2,500/-

Fast track charges are over and above the normal charges wherever applicable

Disclaimer: Amlak Finance PJSC may, from time to time change or modify its fees & charges as it deems fit subject to UAE Central Bank Regulations.These tariffs are applicable for individual customers buying residential property. The tariffs for other types of customers/ properties shall be advised on a case-by-case basis, which may go up to 1% for processing fees and AED 5,000 for application fees.

*Rate calculation is a combination of Amlak base rate + margin.
All fees and charges are exclusive of VAT. Fees and Charges will be effective 4th of September 2018.

About Amlak Finance

About Amlak

Amlak Finance PJSC is a leading specialized real estate financier in the Middle East. Since its establishment in November 2000 as the region’s pioneer financial services provider, it has provided its customers with innovative, Sharia-compliant property financing products and solutions designed to meet the rapidly evolving market demands.