Mr. Mastafa Ismail Karam


Mr Mastafa Ismail KaramMember of the Board of Directors

Mr Mostafa Karam has 30 years of experience with Emirates Airlines since 1990. He has worked as Sales and Country Manager in Pakistan, Dubai, Oman, and Egypt. At present, he is the Senior Vice President of Customer Affairs and Service Audit for 20 years, continuing to maintain the brand image of the company and raising the service standards.

Mr Karam had completed his Bachelor of Arts at the UAE University in 1984, IATA Diploma in Airline Marketing in 1997 and IATA Diploma in Airline Management in 1994 both held in Geneva, a Diploma in Global Business Consortium in 2004 at the London Business School in the United Kingdom, and a Certificate in International Executive Program (INSEAD) held in France in 2006.