Fees & Charges-old

Fees & Charges

Standard Schedule of Fees and Charges



Amlak Rate Starting From:


Application Fees

Residents/Refinance (New Customers)

AED 5,000/-

Top Up (Existing Customers)

AED 3,000/-

Pre-approval fee

AED 1,000/-

Processing Fees

1% of Finance Amount

After Sale Services

Offer Letter Amendment Fees

AED 3,000/-

Extension Fee (Pre-Approval/Offer Letter)

AED 1,500/-

Snag/Inspection Charges

AED 2,500/-

Property Handover Charges

AED 1,000/-

Copy of Statement/Documents from File

AED 100/-

Liability Letter Issuance

AED 85/-

Property Management Service

4% of the last annual rental amount, if finance is settled in the first 5 years

Miscellaneous Charges

Processing Fee
Additional Rental Restructuring Remedial/Restructuring/Consolidation “Sulh” Settlement

AED 3,000/-

Late Payment Fee (Payable to Charity)

2.5 % of Installment Amount, maximum AED 700

Cheque/SI/DDS Return Charges

AED 250/-

Release of Police Case

AED 500/-

Property Valuation
Based on Property Value as below:

Up to AED 10,000,000

AED 3,500/-

AED 10,000,001 – AED 15,000,000

AED 5,000/-

AED 15,000,001 – AED 25,000,000

AED 8,000/-

More than AED 25,000,000

Minimum AED 10,000/-

Settlement Charges

Partial Prepayment

1.0 % of Pre-paid Amount or AED 10,000 whichever is lower

Own Funds

1.0 % of Outstanding Finance Amount or AED 10,000 whichever is lower


1.0 % of Outstanding Finance Amount or AED 10,000 whichever is lower

Prepayment is subject to the terms of relevant documentation and UAE Central Bank Regulations.

Fast Track Services

Property Valuation (1 Working Day)

AED 2,500/-

Fast track charges are over and above the normal charges wherever applicable

Disclaimer: Amlak Finance PJSC may from time to time change or modify its fees and charges as it deems fit subject to UAE Central Bank regulations. These tariffs are applicable to the Retail client segment that is defined by Amlak’s internal policy. The tariffs for other types of customers/ properties shall be advised on a case-by-case basis.

*Rate calculation is a combination of Amlak base rate + margin.
All fees and charges are exclusive of VAT. Fees and charges are effective as of 8th October 2019.