Dr Mohamed Abdel Hakim Mohamed Zoeir

Dr Mohamed Abdel Hakim Mohamed Zoeir

Chairman of Shari’a Board

Dr Mohamed Abdel Hakim Mohamed Zoeir is Member of the Shari’a Board of Amlak Finance PJSC since March 2004.  He is also member of the Fatwa and Shari’a supervisory Boards of various other leading Islamic finance institutions and Islamic banks in the GCC and the wider MENA region.

At Amlak, Dr Zoeir oversees execution of Shari’a Board’s Resolutions to ensure Shari’a compliance and reviews all new services and products. He supervises and guides Shari’a Auditors. He also oversees Zakat calculations, financial reports and conducts Shari’a training for Amlak staff.

Dr Zoeir has published numerous papers and research on Islamic finance including ‘Role of Shari’a Supervision in Developing Islamic Banking,’ ‘Relationship between Shari’a and Financial Supervision,’ ‘Islamic Banks and Traditional Banks (comparative study),’ ‘Monotheism as the Base of Economic Activity’ and ‘Islamic Banks, Theory and Practice’.

Dr Zoeir is a Lecturer at the Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies and other prominent UAE universities. He holds a Doctorate in Islamic Economics, a Masters Degree and a Diploma in Islamic Studies.

Dr. Muhammad Qassem

Member of Shari’a Board

Dr. Muhammad Qassem is a member of the Sharia Board for Amlak Finance PJSC, a position he has held since (insert date). In this role, he assists in ensuring that all business activities and products and services are compliant with Sharia law.

In addition to this role, Dr. Muhammad is also a Sharia Board member for a number of other organizations. This includes Dubai Islamic Bank, State Bank of Pakistan, Deutsche Bank Malaysia, RAK Bank, and Manazel Property Developer. He is also a member of the Review Committee for the Accounting and Auditing Organization for IFIs which was set up to review the English translation and bring uniformity in the terminology used in Sharia Standards.

Dr. Muhammad is also an experienced professor. He has taught a number of courses in B.A. and M.A. programmes of International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) between 1987 and 2007. He has also participated regularly as a keynote speaker and panelist in international conferences on Islamic Banking.

Dr. Qassem holds a Ph.D. with distinction in Islamic Studies from the Faculty of Usul ud Din, IIU, Islamabad. He also has his M.A. and B.A. in Islamic Studies from Faculty of Usul ud Din, IIU, Islamabad, which he received Gold Medals in. He is fluent in English, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, and Pashto.

Moosa Tariq Khoory

Moosa Tariq Khoory

Member of Shari’a Board

Sheikh Moosa Tariq Khoory is currently a member of the Sharia Standards Committee reporting to AAOIFI’s Sharia Board. Moosa holds Master’s Degree in Islamic Law & Legal Theory from University of Sharjah. He has founded the Sharia Departments Forum, the first of its kind in the UAE, where Sharia Departments of Islamic financial Institutions discuss the practical issues of their profession. 

Mr. Khoory is an expert in Shari’a in the fields of Islamic finance and banking, as well as Islamic insurance (Takaful). He specialises in structuring Sharia compliant products/solutions, and advising on Sharia compliance aspects of Islamic banking transactions and various Sukuk transactions, including relevant Sharia documentation.

Mr. Khoory has conducted Sharia Audits of several Islamic financial institutions, and has acquired extensive experience in Sharia research and training. In addition, he has been a key player in the conversion of some conventional banks into Islamic banks.

Mr. Khoory is also an experienced speaker, undertaking a number of speaking opportunities in various conferences and panel discussions which cover different facets of Islamic finance and banking.

Mr. Khoory holds a Master’s degree in Islamic Jurisprudence and its Foundations and a Bachelor degree in Sharia and Islamic Studies, specializing in Jurisprudence and its Foundations from the University of Sharjah